3 Multifunction Printers to Know

June 18, 2018
3 Multifunction Printers to Know

Multifunction printers have revolutionized office equipment standards. With so many varieties of multifunction devices to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start your shopping. When you’re ready to start your search, we want you to be knowledgeable about some of the best features of popular brands. Take a look at these 3 common brands and features to see what might be best for your office.

Get Selective Color Printing with Kyocera

Kyocera is a tried and true brand with dependability and quality that customers love. In addition, their latest multifunction printers include a powerful, 3 Tier Color feature that reduces color ink waste and printing costs. When you print on one of these multifunction printers, the machine will determine which Tier is best for your document and print it accordingly. As a result, you to save money by reducing the number of times you’ll print in full color. Here’s how the 3 Tier Color system breaks down.

Simple Color

The Simple Color tier is ideal for text documents that need a small color feature like a logo at the bottom of the page.

Business Color

When you have a document with graphs and charts alongside chunks of text, Business Color is the best option. This lets you spice up your reports without wasting ink by being selective about the amount of color that’s added to your pages.

Creative Color

Sometimes you need that full-on, vibrant color to make documents pop. For these brochures and presentations, choose the Creative Color tier. This gives you professional-grade coloring on your full document.

Print Professionally with Sharp’s Built-in True Adobe PostScript 3

The latest multifunction printers from Sharp are built for Print Shops, Centralized Reproduction Centers, and Graphic Designers who need high-quality prints at high speeds. One of the best features of the newest Sharp models is their connection with true Adobe PostScript 3. PostScript has a lot to offer in professional printing. Here are a few highlights.

It supports complex files.

If your document has a large number of fonts, transparent artwork, filters and other intricate effects, your PostScript-friendly printer will be a godsend. Their ability to handle complex files is the primary reason these printers are the industry standard for professional printing.

It speeds up printing.

Because it’s built to process and support large, complicated files, printing on a Sharp multifunction machine with Adobe PostScript 3 is speedy and smooth.

It features more than 256 gray levels per color.

Pixelation, be gone! PostScript 3-compatible printers like Sharp’s are a favorite of graphic designers who regularly print vibrant colors and elaborate designs for commercial work. Plus, the physical prints come out looking identical to your digital preview. Exactly as it should be.

Conquer Wide-Formats Affordably with Oki

In 2016, Oki announced their introduction of the ColorPainter™ E-64s, a wide-format printer that reshaped their product offerings. Here’s what it has to offer.

Wide-Format Printing

Printing wide-format paper is easy with Oki. The brand’s E-64s is capable of handling wide-format papers up to 64” wide. That makes printing drawings and blueprints a breeze.

Affordable Pricing 

Many people appreciate Oki printers’ unique combination of affordability and capability. Oki is famous for offering a lot of the same features as the highest-end printers (such as automatic print adjustments and Smart Pass Technology 4) without charging the top-of-the-line price.

Low Odor, Eco-Solvent SX Ink 

Low-odor SX ink is a versatile ink that improves your working environment and gives you extreme durability for indoor and outdoor print applications. In addition, it provides strong, glossy prints with high-density color. Furthermore, you can use it on anything from vehicle wraps to backlit displays and enjoy the depth of color this ink has to offer.

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