Affordable Color Printing

September 25, 2017
Affordable Color Printing

Businesses are typically charged a flat-rate price for color prints, no matter how much ink is used on each page. This means that a page with only a logo on it will cost your business the same amount as a full-page flyer. Kyocera, one of our suppliers, developed a technology to combat this problem by allowing users to define three levels of color usage. The Tiered Color System charges based on the amount of color used on each page instead of a flat-rate system.

Documents containing low levels of color, such as an invoice or letterhead with a company logo, will fall into the Simple Color level. A report containing moderate levels of color such as graphs and charts will most likely fall into the Business Color level. Finally, a document rich in color such as a brochure or flyer will fall into the Creative Color level. An example of each of these levels can be seen in the image below. Your business would be charged based on the level each print falls into and not a flat-rate. Kyocera also provides applications that can be added to your machine for you to personally track usage and manage costs for your business.

U.S. Business Systems recognizes that each business is unique in its printing needs and usage patterns. Last year we conducted a study among current clients and determined average percentages for each level, as determined by the Tiered Color System, to better give our clients an idea of the money they could save by switching to this technology.

Whether you are printing an invoice with a company logo or a brochure with vibrant colors, U.S. Business Systems can provide your company with the tools to manage these costs. For more information, contact us at (574) 264-3065 or (800) 291-2561.