Document Management

September 25, 2017
Document Management

Is your business still using file folders and cabinets to organize the documents in your office?

Document management systems convert paper documents into electronic documents with the use of a scanner. In simpler terms, document management systems are the electronic versions of those old, filing cabinets taking up unnecessary space in the office. The electronic documents are easily organized, accessible to and editable by employees. In addition, data and information are more secure and space in the office is cleared up in the process!


  • Make documents editable and accessible to all employees
  • Restrict access to certain documents
  • Monitor who views documents and when documents are viewed
  • Track edits made to any document
  • Retrieve previous versions of documents


  • Better organize documents and office. Transitioning to a document management system means that those bulky filing cabinets and boxes sitting around the office are no longer needed. Instead, documents can be organized in a way that allows employees to retrieve files faster and easier from the network.
  • Access from anywhere. Documents can be accessed by employees no matter where they are or what device they are using. This means that those last minute changes can be made from home or on a coffee break to ensure efficiency.
  • Secure data and information. While documents are accessible and editable to employees, this activity can be monitored to see who is accessing which documents and what changes are made. Passwords are another option to restrict access to only select employees for certain documents.
  • Add to the bottom line. Most importantly, document management systems can save your company money! Because files are electronically filed, there is no longer a need to print every document for safe keeping. Therefore, paper consumption is minimized. With less time spent printing, sorting, and filing documents, employees can be more productive with their time. The reduction in paper waste combined with more productive employees can significantly add to the bottom line for the company.

Does it sound like document management could benefit your company? Contact us for more information on how to efficiently organize your workplace!