Gain Command Over Color with Tiered Color Printing 

August 28, 2018
Gain Command Over Color with Tiered Color Printing

How important is color to your business? Using color in your printing is more than simply pleasing to the eye. But if the idea of colored printing gives you visions of dollars flying out the window, we have a solution for you – tiered color printing!

The Importance of Color

If greyscale is your go-to, it may be time to change things up. Color plays a key role in our everyday lives so it stands to reason that it also plays a role in a thriving company. 

Colored pencils on a white sheet.

Color invokes feeling. It impacts behavior. Different colors can trigger different responses. For example:

  • Red is energy and passion. 
  • Yellow is friendliness and warmth. 
  • Blue is positivity and security.
  • Orange is excitement and joy.
  • Pink is love and nurturing.
  • Green is growth and peace.
  • Black is sophisticated and secretive.
  • Grey is unemotional and detached.

The right use of color can do some incredible things. According to this survey done by Xerox, 54% of those surveyed were more likely to read a document that was printed in color. 69% said they understood new ideas better when they’re presented in color while 76% claimed they can find information faster when in color.

The Solution to Color Printing

You may be thinking that colored printing is all well and good, but do the benefits outweigh the costs? Maybe not when it comes to standard color printing. But let me introduce you to an alternative that will make color printing not only doable financially, but could be the game-changer your business has been looking for: 3 Tier Color Printing.

3 Tier Color Printing is revolutionary because you will only ever pay for the color you’re using! Through the use of the 3 Tier Color feature on a Kyocera printer, you’ll be able to significantly reduce color waste and as a result, cut down on your costs.

How many times have you hit print, only to realize later that there was just a tiny bit of color somewhere on that page? Now you’re kicking yourself for paying for a full-color copy when the only color on the page is the blue of the email address at the top. This 3 tiered system will put your mind at ease. 

How 3 Tier Color Works

This multi-functional device from Kyocera can determine what level, or Tier, your document needs and will print it accordingly. There’s no need to stress anymore about those accidental colored copies! Here’s how it works:

The printer will measure the amount of color toner used through a meter which calculates which tier that particular document falls into. 

Simple Color Tier

The Simple Color Tier is what you’ll likely use most often. It’s for your basic text documents that feature just a small amount of color such as a logo at the bottom of the page. It’s also for those pesky accidental printouts.

Business Color Tier

If you’re feeling brave and ready to put color to use, the Business Color Tier could be your answer. This tier is excellent for graphs and charts that are alongside chunks of text. 

Creative Color Tier

Need a brochure with professional-grade color? Are you preparing a presentation to remember? The Creative Color Tier is the level that makes your full document pop with true, vibrant color!

Adding Color to Your Business

Are you ready to make affordable color printing a part of your business? Contact us. We’re here to help you through the process of embracing vibrant color for your company!