Malware Attacks On The Rise

September 25, 2017
Malware Attacks On The Rise
Recent results from cyber studies are showing an enormous increase in malware and phishing attacks. The numbers are staggering and the impact of a successful infiltration can be devastating to a business. Take a look at just a few statistics released recently;

Trustwave’s Spam Research Database reports that 4 million malware-bearing emails were sent over a 7 day period during the past month.

Malware comprises 20% of all spam email sent.

“We are currently seeing extraordinarily huge volumes of JavaScript attachments being spammed out, which, if clicked on by users, leads to the download of a ransom-ware.”

Ransom-ware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system or network. Once a ransom-ware package has been “clicked on”, it self extracts and downloads onto the PC. Once on the PC it spreads throughout the network extremely fast. The application begins encrypting every file it can gain access to on the network, making the files unusable. In order to get the files back, one must set up a bit coins, or other similar account, and pay a ransom for the key to unlock your files. These keys can cost in the thousands.

So what can you do? The first step is to educate everyone in your business. Even the best Anti-Virus, Spam, and Malware defense applications will let some ransom-ware slip through. Make sure everyone understands the ramifications of an erroneous “click” and what to avoid. The second step is to revisit your backup and recovery plan. How often are files being backed up? How quickly can they be restored? Are the back ups redundant? These questions are good measures to insure minimal impact from a successful ransom-ware attack. If you would like to learn more about protecting your business, contact Ron Hulett at 574-264-3065 for more information.