OCR: Convert Scanned PDF to Word Document

February 5, 2018
OCR Convert Scanned PDF to Word Document

What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition but let’s put it in simpler terms.

Basically, OCR technology takes scanned paper documents, PDF files, or even images and turns them into editable and searchable documents. Done in a matter of seconds, this data conversion creates a copy that looks exactly like original document.

This is a common practice used when converting scanned PDFs to Word Documents, digitizing old files, processing checks, or even sorting mail.

Let’s say you have a paper document – maybe a product brochure or signed contract – simply scanning this document isn’t going to make it an editable document. All a scanner does is create an image of the document.

OCR software extracts information or edits a document. In simple terms, the software recognizes letters from an image and then transforms those to words and sentences.

What are the benefits to OCR technology?

  • Save significant amounts of time when creating, processing, and re-purposing various documents.
  • Further edit documents that you no longer have the original file for.
  • Extract information from one document and insert into another in needed.
  • Create searchable PDFs.


All businesses can benefit from OCR technology to boost efficiency and increase productivity. This is why so many are implementing electronic document management systems to integrate hard copy documents into digital workflows.

There are a ton of OCR technologies available today. However, DMConnect may be the answer. U.S. Business Systems has the ability to add the application, DMConnect, to any Kyocera multi-functional printer (MFP).

The app transforms the equipment into an on-ramp for routing documents to folders, not to mention the ability to store, retrieve and share files quickly. It also indexes data from the control panel of the MFP to ensure the most accurate data is attached to the scanned document. Learn more about the awesome application here.