OEM or Compatible Toner?

September 25, 2017
OEM or Compatible Toner

What is toner?

There is a common misconception that ink and toner are the same thing. However, it is the combination of the two that allow your business to print. Ink is a liquid that is sprayed onto paper. Whereas toner is a powder that is fused to the paper.

What type of toner should I buy?

To be able to make this decision, you first need to know the difference between OEM and Compatible cartridges.

OEM cartridges, or Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridges, are manufactured by the same company that made your printer, such as HP or Brother. These toners are the “name brands” in the industry; like the Doritos of potato chips or the Coca-Cola of sodas. Like all name brands, these toner cartridges are set at a higher price by manufacturers. Compatible toner cartridges are the generic alternatives and therefore, less expensive options in the industry.

There is a constant war between OEM and Compatible manufacturers. While OEM manufacturers go to great deals to protect their cartridges by patenting parts and design, Compatible manufacturers have found ways around this by creating similar products with small differences in design. Although it is a common perception that Compatible cartridges can damage a machine, this is rarely the case, as they are manufactured with just as high of quality as OEM cartridges.

Whether your business would like to purchase OEM or Compatible toner cartridges, skip the reviews and trial runs of various brands. U.S. Business Systems can help you determine which brands will work for your budget and machine. For more information, contact us at (574) 264-3065 or supplies@usbus.com.