3 Signs Your Office Technology is Outdated

October 31, 2017
3 Signs Your Office Technology is Outdated

There is no shame in making office technology last as long as possible, as so many small businesses do. But eventually, that outdated technology starts costing more to keep around than it does to upgrade to new equipment. Has there been a decrease in productivity in the office? Is customer service slacking in areas? How’s your competition doing? If these questions are being tossed around in the office, it’s probably time for an update.

Here’s Why:

  1. Productivity is decreasing. If employees complain that applications, wifi and equipment are running slow then time, labor and resources are being wasted as you read this. Simple upgrades can increase productivity around the office, cut out wasted hours in a day and ultimately save your business money.
  1. Customer service is slacking. Don’t let customers suffer from a lack of current technology in your office. For example, if your sales force spends a lot of time on the road, on-demand resources available on tablets could improve customer relations.
  1. Competitors are pulling ahead. Are your competitors using technology that you aren’t? Even the simplest thing such as a digital presentation while you use paper could make your competition stand out. It’s safe to say that if competitors are trying new things, you should consider implementing those practices, too.

When it comes to updating office technology, U.S. Business Systems is an expert. We can replace a fleet of laptops, update the ancient copier sitting in the corner, or transition a company to the Cloud.