Why Schools Should be Using PaperCut

October 18, 2017
Why Schools Should be Using PaperCut

PaperCut is a software that allows school administration control over costs associated with printing. The software makes it easy to cut costs by monitoring and managing the amount of copies and prints each student and employee consumes.

Benefits of PaperCut

This software is a no-brainer for schools, as it can significantly reduce costs and waste by giving administration more control. Below are just a few of PaperCut’s features that will help schools run smoother.

  1. Reduce Waste. After print jobs are released from a device, they hold in a queue for final approval at the printer itself. Because of this feature, Johnny won’t waste that 50-page study he accidentally printed if he never releases it from the physical printer. Administration can set other controls to further avoid excess printing and wasted money, such as automatic duplex and color settings.
  2. Bring Your Own Device. With this application, users can print from a laptop, tablet, web portal or even email a document to the printer.
  3. Define Print Quotas. Predetermined quotas can set a maximum amounts of prints and copies for each student or employee. If quotas are too small, users can add more money to an account, again reducing the amount of money coming out of the school’s pocket.
  4. Easily Integrate. PaperCut is scalable to any network size, vendor or platform to meet the needs of your unique environment.

PaperCut designed this software specifically for education and school systems. For more information on how this software works, the benefits, or how to make PaperCut an integral part of the next school year, contact U.S. Business Systems. As we recently became PaperCut certified, our staff can answer any questions to move forward seamlessly.