Pinpoint Scan – The Personalized Scanning Solution

November 1, 2018

You’re busy. When everyday tasks take multiple steps to complete, it’s frustrating how much of your valuable time is wasted. The fewer steps it takes to get quality work done, the better for both your company’s efficiency and your own sanity.

Enter KYOCERA’s Pinpoint Scan.

Pinpoint Scan takes an everyday function that often has multiple, confusing steps and simplifies it for each individual employee. This means that not only is the monotonous task of scanning made simple, it’s personalized for each of your employees.

What’s the Point?

PinPoint Scan is one easy-to-install application that is uploaded onto each computer in your network as well as the multi-function printer that will be used for scanning. It only takes a single MFP license to support all of your users. Each user then chooses a PIN to be entered when scanning documents.

Here’s where it gets really good: this highly secure PIN allows the user to route scanned documents virtually anywhere with a touch of a button- we’re talking email, a specified folder, or any number of programs that support PDF, TIFF, or JPEG files. Not only that, the user can manage and make adjustments to various settings using that convenient little PIN. Things like image type, orientation, resolution, etc., can all be adjusted to the user’s specifications.

Meanwhile, scanned documents are being logged into document history for easy access any time the need arises. The user will have a list of all documents he or she has scanned since installing PinPoint Scan, as well as the exact file location.

PinPoint Scan is not only efficient and convenient, it’s incredibly secure. All communication between MFP and receiving device is encrypted so users can rest easy. There’s even an option for proximity card protection.

KYOCERA thought of it all when it comes to simplifying the scanning process, and making it incredibly user-friendly.

Here’s the Point!

Imagine life at the office with a personalized, streamlined, and simplified scanning process. Maybe it won’t turn your world upside down, but it just might wipe away headaches and hassles you didn’t even realize you had every single day.

Here’s how PinPoint Scan can ultimately make you a happier person:

●  PinPoint Scan is super easy to install and even easier to use. When a user enters his or her PIN code, the PinPoint application prompts the user through the scanning process. Anyone could use it successfully.

●  PinPoint Scan gives you convenient options. Need your document attached to an email? Done. How about a folder? Or saved to your desktop? Or opened in applications? Done, done, and done. And with only a touch of a button.

●  PinPoint Scan allows for editing. You can send your document to an application that supports PDFs and edit all you’d like.

Scanning is an essential part of business. It simply needs to be done. For those without PinPoint Scan, it can be complicated and frustrating and just plain inconvenient. But when PinPoint Scan enters the picture, all of that changes.

Let us help you change the way your business scans documents. Get in touch with us today for more information, and find out how you can try out PinPoint Scan for 30 days absolutely free!