App Highlight: PinPoint Scan

September 25, 2017
App Highlight PinPoint Scan

Kyocera’s Pinpoint Scan takes away the hassle of scanning documents by allowing users to scan to a folder, application, email or desktop in a matter of seconds.

Initial Setup: The application requires some setup on the back end, which our staff can assist with to make the process seamless. Basically, an application is downloaded to each PC on the network. Users then choose personal destinations on his or her PC, such as a commonly used folder, email, or application. These personal destinations are where scanned documents can be stored later. Finally, users choose an individual PIN which allows access to the chosen personal destinations directly from the MFP. Once the initial setup in complete, PinPoint Scan will completely change the way your business scans documents.

How It Works: To start a scan, users simply choose the PinPoint Scan icon on the MFP’s screen. The screen will prompt the user through the process, first asking for a PIN. The correct PIN brings up the individual’s personal destinations that were set up in the beginning. From there the user can choose the type of file (PDF, JPG, etc.), name the document, and decide where to store the document. The beauty of Pinpoint Scan is that the document will be stored in its destination or automatically opened on your PC before you even get back to your desk.

Overcoming Common Business Challenges: Below are a few common challenges that businesses face daily, but that with PinPoint Scan, can be avoided.

  1. Can only scan to email. While documents can still be scanned as an attachment in an email, the options don’t end there. The scanned documents can be opened in applications, or saved to a desktop or folder with PinPoint Scan.
  2. Scanning is complex. Once the PIN is entered at the MFP, the application prompts the user through the process, making it an application that anyone can easily learn how to use.
  3. Can’t edit scanned documents. Pinpoint Scan allows users to scan documents to applications that support PDFs where they become fully editable.

Contact U.S. Business Systems for more information on how this application can streamline the way your business operates. We offer free 30-day trials of all our applications, that way you can make sure the application benefits your organization before fully committing.