App Highlight: Teaching Assistant

October 30, 2017
App Highlight Teaching Assistant

Teachers struggle to balance the demands of students, teaching, and grading. To combat this issue Kyocera developed Teaching Assistant, an application that streamlines the grading process so teachers can focus on students and spend less time grading their work. This software allows teachers to create, grade and produce results without ever leaving the multi-functional printer (MFP).


Below are just a few reasons why schools should consider implementing Teaching Assistant and begin planning for the next academic school year today.

  1. Save Time. Create, print and grade directly from the MFP screen, without ever touching another device.
  2. Avoid Human Error. Once the answer key is scanned, Teaching Assistant grades everything in a matter of seconds.
  3. Produce Reports. Immediately after grading, teachers have access to a summary of the results, graphs and statistics to see which topics the class may be struggling with or excelling in.
  4. Send Results. The results are printed, emailed or saved to a flash drive directly from the MFP for future reference.
  5. Secure Information. Because the application deletes all data after the application is closed, student information is protected with Teaching Assistant.

U.S. Business Systems has experience setting up Teaching Assistant in many school systems across North Central Indiana and Michigan’s Great Southwest. Contact us for more information on how this application can change the way your teachers operate. Free trials of our applications are available, so you can make sure the application is beneficial before fully committing.