What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that manages a customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model.  Today, the terms “cloud service provider” and “managed service provider” are sometimes used as synonyms when the provider’s service is supported by a service level agreement (SLA) and is delivered in person and over the internet.

U.S. Business Systems is more than an MSP because we offer full printing device solutions, VoIP, surveillance cameras, and other business technology devices and services.  We build custom contracts that cover every need your business has.

What if we already have internal technical IT Support staff?

Great, No Problem!  Many of our customers have a designated Internal IT Support person or in-house IT Department to handle the day-to-day technical issues and minor network issues.  These organizations often count on us for the more advanced and critical IT Support functions, such as strategic advice, technical projects, second opinions, Advanced IT Security and Advanced Business Application Support

Can you recommend and/or purchase hardware and software for my company?

Over the past decades we have built relationships with many reputable hardware providers.  We are happy to provide unbiased product recommendations and offer financing options if necessary.  However, if you are in a Content as a Service (CaaS) program with us, all hardware can be included and updated at the time when the contract renews.  We highly recommend this program because it ensures that you are always working with up to date, top of the line, business-class devices that consistently work great.

Our office computers are running slow. Can you help with this?

Absolutely! Making sure your entire IT environment is running efficiently is what we do.  This is not a double click or snap your fingers type of thing though.  We typically see that most issues with speed are due to years of neglect by other IT Companies.  During the discovery and proposal stage a deep dive into your current situation is done.  We do things a little bit different than most IT Companies, instead of spending months trying to unravel and duct tape “fix” all the issues your current system has, we remove all of the out of date, broken, clearance rack elements in your current environment and replace it with top of the line, business class devices and services that your company needs and deserves. This is the foundation of how we can confidently stand behind what we do for you 100%.

We are always losing files and spending hours looking for them. Can you help our business?

You bet! That is one of the things we do for our Managed Services clients.  We can help ensure your data is always available no matter the situation.  We offer a cloud backup solution that can not only protect your data but help keep running your business during any disaster!  Beyond keeping your documents safe and easily accessible, there are sophisticated document management solutions that can be added to your service plan.  They allow for low intervention scanning, naming, and filing of all your documents, making retrieval a breeze.

Our Internet is down! This keeps happening all the time!

This one can be frustrating, and a lot of fingers get pointed as to what is the culprit. We typically know your internet is down before you do.  We monitor our client’s sites for constant up-time and sometimes it’s just a web browser issue or an isolated computer having DNS problems.  We understand not being able to browse the internet can stop production, we always ask a series of questions to find out it’s companywide or isolated.  Typically, the ISP is having issues or latency.  Occasionally it’s a misconfigured firewall causing havoc.

Why can’t I print?

Well, sometimes it’s the basics.  As silly as it sounds, most of the time we troubleshoot a printer issue, the printer has either lost network connection (power surges or Windows Updates), it has not been restarted in a very long time, and occasionally it’s out of paper.  That has happened more than we would like to say.  Printers need to have either a physical or network connection to your computer.  If they lose either, they are just sitting waiting for instructions on what to do.  Sometimes they just need the latest firmware to get them back to working at their best.  Occasionally it’s because your internet router was replaced which changed the IP scheme of your network and your printing device still has the old IP scheme, which means that they just need reconfigured.

Is free Anti-Virus / Malware software any good and should I use them?

This is a case of if “it seems too good to be true, then it probably is”! Free anti-virus is free for one reason, some marketing dollars are behind them to push something else.  They do offer basic protection but that was good in the mid 2000’s when the only threat out there was a Virus or Spyware.  Today’s threats are serious and very malicious.  Just having even, the best Anti-Virus is not even close to enough to protect your business machines and are constantly under-attack! You need layered protection.  Let us do a network and security evaluation to determine your current situation.

What does Business Continuity mean?

When it comes to your business, you want to make sure that your work is uninterrupted by technological glitches and hitches. This is the nature of business continuity: when a disaster strikes, you want to make sure that your business can recover.

At U.S. Business Systems, we want to make sure that your business can recover from any disaster. We provide customized business continuity planning and computer support services. Not only can we help in the case of a data loss emergency, but we can also help your business plan ahead to prevent a disaster and protect your information.

What is involved with Disaster Recovery?

It is extremely common for businesses that have experienced a massive data loss to go under within 5 years following the indecent.  U.S. Business Systems knows disaster recovery. Our computer consulting services can analyze how well your business is prepared for a data loss disaster, and from there, help you construct a plan for recovery. With our strategies for planning ahead, we can help to prevent you from going out of business with a protection plan that is custom-tailored to your needs. We can help you not only survive a disaster such as theft or inclement weather damage: with our help, your business can thrive in the face of misfortune.