Our office equipment from U.S. Business Systems does everything for us, so it was a great purchase at a great price.  While we have only had a problem a couple of times with our machine in several years, your service is second to none. We can call with a question and receive immediate attention.  One time we required a technician and he came the same day.  We are also automatically shipped supplies.  We feel we are so valued as a customer and as a small non-profit that depends on this one piece of equipment, it is essential to our business.  Why would I use anyone else?  We are confident in US Business Systems products and services!

Cathi Garn Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce


The single biggest benefit for being with U.S. Business Systems is the customer service response and knowledge. When we purchased a new piece of equipment and had questions, Caitlyn was very quick to answer our questions and if she was unsure, she checked and called us back very quickly. Rick also was very helpful. When we have needed on-site service, a technician came here, and had our down equipment up and running perfect again in no time at all.  To us, response time is what is important, and US Business Systems is very responsive!

Marita Kreps Brown & Brown General Contractors, Inc.


We love the “one stop shopping”. Our copiers, toner, and service all come from U.S. Business Systems. There is no finger pointing. Which to us, this is a major time saver and convenience.  U.S. Business Systems has TOP NOTCH customer service! They truly make each us feel like we’re their only client. They take our issues personally and do everything they can to work it out. Example: we had an office that ran out of toner (month end processing was happening, and printing was at an all-time high). U.S. Business Systems made a special trip to deliver the toner that day. They didn’t think twice about it. They didn’t say “we’ll have to overnight it and charge you expedite charges”.  They offered on their own to deliver it and that goes a long way with customer service.

Jennifer Montel Rieth-Riley


U.S. Business Systems has provided us highly reliable service, from sales, to technical services, and administration.  We feel that we have always received great value and customer service, no question!

Lisel Plunkett Forest River


It's all about the relationships for me personally.  I knew that U.S. Business Systems would take good care of us because I trusted the people that work there.  As far as the service is concerned anytime we have had an issue (usually technology related) we have always appreciated the quick and timely response that we have received.  Rick, on the helpdesk is very patient with us and has always been able to figure out and fix our issues.  I would strongly recommend US Business Systems to anyone who is looking for a dependable company with Good People!

Jim Parrish Coldwell Banker Real Estate


U.S. Business Systems responds quickly to our requests, whether it is service on our equipment or supplies needed ASAP.  They have always solved our problems within a workable timeframe.  We are glad we switched to them; they are much better than our previous supplier experiences.

Kathy Sponseller Goshen Chamber of Commerce


The single biggest benefit is the customer service!  We can trust your word and in this day and age, that is huge!  We have been with U.S. Business Systems for 26 years. Why would anyone look anywhere else?  They have top of the line product, and in the past when someone has asked me – my favorite thing to say is … “our copier does everything except make the original!” 😊

Patricia Bainter Brenneman Memorial Missionary Church


The biggest benefit of using U.S. Business Systems is how trustworthy and responsive they are. When it comes to technology, there are always more options out there and I would never have time to research. I know that when I reach out to U.S. Business Systems to request help on a problem we have, I get options on solutions and will not be told the most expensive option is the only one. They provide several solutions with reasonable price points, and everything has worked out really well.   As for responsive, it isn’t often you can contact a company and they are at your door that same day. I’m treated as a person that knows about technology, and so when I call, they don’t bother to make me run through all the beginner questions before believing me that there is an issue.  Communication with them I feel is among some of the best I have seen in the industry. I use many different services and companies, and the only time I hear from most of them is when I call and need help. However, with U.S. Business Systems, I get regular calls and emails checking in on our business to make sure everything is working and to just generally catch up on how our business is doing. I feel like most of the people I talk with are more friends than just business acquaintances.  I cannot express enough the importance of having the option to have a tech come onsite the same day. There are just times when you are in a serious bind and need help, I always get help within minutes of calling.  Keep business local!

Brian Thomas Wolverine Corporation


We like our relationship with U.S. Business systems.  They offer fast customer service and their equipment works great.  If you are looking for a provider to take care of your office technology, you cannot go wrong with U.S. Business Systems.

Pam Alles Colbin Tool


U.S. Business Systems does an impeccable job of making our printing, supply and IT services seamless, and “hands-off” for us. They take the initiative, so we don’t have to!  They own the process for us! Our problems are their problems, and they are very responsive if we have a need.  We have a very high level of confidence in U.S. Business Systems! In a business environment that requires a very high level of competence and responsiveness, U.S. Business Systems sets the bar very high. We totally trust them!

Hugh Johnson J2 Marketing


U.S. Business Systems has provided us with very attentive support from sales, to service, to any special requests.  They keep our equipment current and our supplies fully stocked.  Very helpful relationship.

Angie McCraner AmeriKart Corporation


U.S. Business Systems’ customer service has been outstanding. Their response time & follow up is faster and better than we have experienced with other suppliers in the past.  They have become one of our most trusted Business Partners, so USE THEM!

Bruce Hill Forest River


The biggest benefit of partnering with U.S. Business Systems is the quick response time and their technician’s ability to solve our problems when it comes to printing and scanning.  We have been very grateful how Tim has helped us obtain new copiers when we needed them.

Kathy Schneider St. Margert’s House


U.S. Business Systems is very easy to work with and personable.  Always provide a quick turn around on service.  They are a great partner to work with and you won’t be disappointed.

Erin Pianowski Morgan Olson


U.S. Business Systems has been loyal and willing to work with us.  Many CEO’s are looking to make a buck but USBUS is generous and gives back to the community.  I can honestly say US Business Systems is trying to help all of us work better”

David Toney Council on Aging of Elkhart County


We have only ever worked with U.S. Business Systems. They are very attentive to all our needs from printer related repair issues to replacement cartridges.  We can focus better on our own business when we don’t have to stress or worry about our technology providers customer services.

Chad Perrin Janel’s Industries, Inc.


U.S. Business Systems has provided us with a great product that have a robust performance with little breakdowns.  U.S. Business Systems has also been there for us promptly if there has been a breakdown.  They always provide prompt, friendly service and no hassle business.  Try them out.  You will see what a great product and service they provide.

Michelle Schmidt Lakota Trailers